Prêt-à-Go is a London based travel, organising and gift bag company. Designed for those who like

to be organised and care about.

Prêt-à-Go was born out of personal necessity to travel freely and organise quickly. The light bulb moment was when I was desperately searching for my phone charger in my luggage. What a mess that was ... a luggage that survived four long travels, full of dirty laundry wrapped in plastic supermarket bags. My precious belongings in randomly backed plastic bags wasting my vacation time trying to find what is where.

My Prêt-à-Go journey started with my grandmother’s sewing machine. Our first Prêt-à-Go Organising Bag was a hand-made, personalised Prêt-à-Go Laundry Organising Bag. After that hundreds of hand-made, personalised Prêt-à-Go Organising Bags reached Prêt-à-Go customers around the world to help them travel freely and organise quickly wherever they went.

Your purse or luggage is meant to be magical and bring you the feeling of freedom – taking you to an adventure or vacation. If your things are unkept as you shift through your luggage it makes you feel your life is in disarray. Prêt-à-Go Organising Bags are there to give you back that feeling of freedom and help you organise quickly. Your precious belongings would be organised like you would organise them in the luxury of your home, even when you are travelling.

​​Your Prêt-à-Go Organising Bags give you back your time. They are there to act as a checklist to remind you to pack your precious belongings quickly to continue your journey without delay. Imagine one sock stuck in one shoe and the other found its way into your sweater. Using a Prêt-à-Go Socks Organising Bag your socks will be right there in front of you to pack and unpack quickly.

You can use your Prêt-à-Go Organising Bag not only in your home or during travels but also to make someone feel special with a Prêt-à-Go Gift Bag - like our personalised Prêt-à-Go Wine & Champagne Gift Bag.

Your Prêt-à-Go Organising Bags are made up of natural fabric which can be reused regularly to reduce the use of plastic bags. Someone who travels frequently can save tens of plastic bags with only one Prêt-à-Go Organising Bag - these small changes can achieve big results for our environment.

We hope you will join us and become a Prêt-à-Go Organising Bag – lover after your purchase. When you do, you will enjoy travelling freely, organising quickly and help the environment by using your Prêt-à-Go Organising Bag regularly. 


Leyla Sengel

from Prêt-à-Go Team