Prêt-à-Go Jewellery Organising Bags allow you to be organised at home or away! It's a sophisticated way to keep your jewelry protected and organized on the go.

Inside you'll find eight soft pockets for earrings and rings and a large area for necklaces or bracelets.


You can also personalise them.


In the middle where it says, 'Jewelry always fits' , you can monogram your bag by choosing your font.


For special orders such as a wedding, birthday, bachelorette party gift bags please reach out to us at

Jewellery Organising Bag

SKU: 0049
  • Dimensions : sits on 13cm diametered base.

    *Measurements may vary only slightly (max.0.5cm) as the Organising Bags are handmade.

    Drawstring closure and padded base

    8 soft pockets inside

    Ready to ship in 1-2 business days